SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework

Advanced guide for developers and data architects building
databases with Data Design Patterns and Pattern Architectures.

SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework 2013

Building world-class databases with:
  SQL Design Patterns
  Data Modeling Patterns
  Object/Relational Patterns
  Data Experience Patterns
  Tree & Hierarchy Patterns
  Meta Modeling Patterns
  Universal Data Models
  Comprehensive Data Model Sample (Schema)
  Bonus: SQL Naming and Coding Conventions
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Building better data stores throught patterns

If your goal is to create better data models and faster, more effective SQL
then this package is for you.

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Exploring Data Patterns

With this unique package you will learn about design patterns for SQL and Database design.

Today, many data architects and data practitioners are not familiar with design patterns. And, yet, they offer great potential for better data models, faster data access, and simpler data designs.

This unique package covers multiple pattern categories such as Data Model Patterns, SQL Patterns, Data Access (Object-Relational) Patterns, and Application Design Patterns: each with their own list of valuable Patterns & Practices.

SQL Design Patterns

SQL is the query language of relational databases. SQL is unique in that it is a set-oriented language as opposed to record-oriented programming languages. With SQL developers only specify what is needed and not how the data is retrieved.

A wide variety of SQL Patterns is covered including Read vs Write Operations, JOIN patterns, DELETE operations (hard, soft, undo), SQL Batching, NULL value Patterns, Table aliases, SQL Namespace patterns, and more.

This package emphasizes the importance of simple, fast SQL transactions and how to accomplish these through effective patterns and practices.

Data Model Patterns

Experienced data architects know that a sound data model is key to a successful database -- as well as the applications accessing the database.

A data model that does not capture the business requirements well, will make it difficult to effectively get data in and out of the database. Therefore, applications will suffer because they have to jump through hoops to retrieve and store data.

This package will show you how to design simple, effective data models using patterns. Topics include ERD, primary key, foreign keys, data types and referential integrity.

The Active Record pattern is a valuable pattern. It helps create elegant data models that are designed for fast data access. Active record uses tables only, without the need for stored procedures, views, or triggers.

A section on database smells discusses anti-patterns of databases, tables, columns, and data values. Applying patterns and removing anti-patterns will help you build powerful data models.

What do I get with this package?  Here is a table of contents.

Table of Contents for the SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework

SQL & Database Pattern Essentials
Laying the foundation for sql and database patterns.
The State of Data Design & Development
What are Design Patterns?
What are Data Design Patterns?
Categories of Data Model Patterns
Building Applications with Databases  --  Sets vs Records, Full Stack, Real-world SaaS examples
Data Model Conventions and Style
SQL Conventions and Style
Reference Applications and Data Models

Data Model Patterns
Laying a solid foundation
Agile / Lean Data Models
ER Diagram Patterns
Building User-Friendly Databases
Primary Key Patterns
Foreign Key Patterns
Referential Integrity Patterns  --  Cadcading UPDATEs, DELETEs
Relationships & Cardinality
Choosing Datatypes  --  Primary Key Types, String Types, Numeric Types, Date/Time Types, Binary Types, etc
Anti Pattern: Stored Procedures
Anti Pattern: Triggers
Anti Pattern: Views
Anti Pattern: User-Defined Functions
Sparse Column Patterns
Indexing Patterns  --  Cardinality, Clustered Index, Covered Index, Filtered Index
Does your Database Smell?  --  Data Value smells, Column smells, Table smells, Database smalls

Advanced Data Model Patterns
Advanced data model patterns and techniques
Record Name Pattern
Rollup Column Pattern
Sort Column Pattern
Journaling Pattern
Enumeration Patterns  --  Check Constraints, Bit Columns, Lookup Tables
Polymorphic Associations
Name Value Pattern
SuperType/Subtype Patterns
Tree & Hierarchy Patterns

Normalization Patterns
Better models through (de)normalization
First Normal Form (1NF)
Second Normal Form (2NF)
Third Normal Form (3NF)
Boyce Codd Normal Form (BCNF)
Fourth Normal Form (4NF)
Fifth Normal Form (5NF)
Domain Key Normal Form (DKNF)
Sixth Normal Form (6NF)
De-normalizatin Pattern
Normalization Final Thoughts
Data Persistence Patterns
Building an effective application/database interface
Active Record Pattern
Repository Pattern
Data Mapper Pattern
Data Cache Patterns  --  Identity Map Pattern, Lazy Load Pattern, Eager Load Pattern, Over-eager Load Pattern
Unit-of-Work Pattern  --  Concurrency, Isolation Levels
Query Object Pattern
Media Storage Pattern  --  How to store images, videos, documents, etc.

SQL Patterns
How to create highly effective queries.
SQL DELETE Patterns  --  Hard DELETE, Soft DELETE, Undo DELETE, Cascading DELETE
Query Patterns  --  Thinking in CRUD -- all the time
Subquery Patterns
Date &Time Patterns
NULL Value Pattern
Wildcard Queries
Sargeable Queries
SQL Batching Patterns
Multiple ResultSet Pattern
Random Record Pattern
SQL Namespaces
SQL Injection  --  SQL Parameters, User Input Constraints, Best Practices
Miscellanous SQL Best Practices

Object-Relational Patterns
Tensions between object-think and relational-think
Impedence Mismatch  --  Cost, Complexity, Patterns
Persistence Ignorance
DDD - Domain Driven Design
OO Data Models  --  Single Table Inheritance, Concrete Table Inheritance, Class Table Inheritance
NULL Object Pattern

Data Experience Patterns
Creating delightful data interaction experiences for your users
DX Patterns
Thinking in CRUD
Add, Edit, Delete Cycle
Search Techniques  --  Exact Search, Pattern Search, Text Search, AND vs OR
Sort + Filter = View
Data Experience Review

Meta Model Patterns
The holy grail of data modeling
Meta Modeling Essentials
Meta Models vs Meta Data
Model Extensibility
Custom Column Pattern
Custom Table Pattern
Key Value Stores
EAV (Entity Attribute Value) Patterns
Key Value Stores
Meta Model Success Stories  --  WordPress, Magento, Salesforce
SQL Injection  --  SQL Parameters, User Input Constraints, Best Practices
Meta Modeling Review

Universal Data Models
Accellerating data modeling with seed models
Party Data Model
Mother of all Models
Dofactory's PRO Data Models

Auditing and Archiving Patterns
Keeping track of historical data
Auditing Patterns
Logging Patterns  --  Activity Logging, Data Logging
History Patterns
Redo/Undo Patterns
Archiving Pattern
Final Thoughts

BONUS: SQL + Database Naming and Coding Conventions
Consistency through naming and coding conventions
Database Naming
Schema Naming
Table Naming
Column Naming
Index Naming
Naming Other Objects  --  Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views
SQL Coding and Formatting
T-SQL Coding Conventions
Using Table Aliases

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SQL + Database Design Pattern Framework
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