Singleton Design Pattern

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Ensure a class has only one instance and provide a global point of access to it.

Frequency of use:   medium high

UML class diagram


    The classes and/or objects participating in this pattern are:

  • Singleton   (LoadBalancer)
    • defines an Instance operation that lets clients access its unique instance. Instance is a class operation.
    • responsible for creating and maintaining its own unique instance.

sample code in C#

This structural code demonstrates the Singleton pattern which assures only a single instance (the singleton) of the class can be created.

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// Singleton pattern -- Structural example

This real-world code demonstrates the Singleton pattern as a LoadBalancing object. Only a single instance (the singleton) of the class can be created because servers may dynamically come on- or off-line and every request must go throught the one object that has knowledge about the state of the (web) farm.

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// Singleton pattern -- Real World example

This .NET optimized code demonstrates the same code as above but uses more modern, built-in .NET features.

Here an elegant .NET specific solution is offered. The Singleton pattern simply uses a private constructor and a static readonly instance variable that is lazily initialized. Thread safety is guaranteed by the compiler.

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// Singleton pattern -- .NET optimized

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