Composite Design Pattern

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Compose objects into tree structures to represent part-whole hierarchies. Composite lets clients treat individual objects and compositions of objects uniformly.

Frequency of use:   medium high

UML class diagram


    The classes and/or objects participating in this pattern are:

  • Component   (DrawingElement)
    • declares the interface for objects in the composition.
    • implements default behavior for the interface common to all classes, as appropriate.
    • declares an interface for accessing and managing its child components.
    • (optional) defines an interface for accessing a component's parent in the recursive structure, and implements it if that's appropriate.
  • Leaf   (PrimitiveElement)
    • represents leaf objects in the composition. A leaf has no children.
    • defines behavior for primitive objects in the composition.
  • Composite   (CompositeElement)
    • defines behavior for components having children.
    • stores child components.
    • implements child-related operations in the Component interface.
  • Client  (CompositeApp)
    • manipulates objects in the composition through the Component interface.

sample code in C#

This structural code demonstrates the Composite pattern which allows the creation of a tree structure in which individual nodes are accessed uniformly whether they are leaf nodes or branch (composite) nodes.

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// Composite pattern -- Structural example

This real-world code demonstrates the Composite pattern used in building a graphical tree structure made up of primitive nodes (lines, circles, etc) and composite nodes (groups of drawing elements that make up more complex elements).

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// Composite pattern -- Real World example

This .NET optimized code demonstrates the same real-world situation as above but uses modern, built-in .NET features, such as, generics, reflection, object initializers, automatic properties, etc.

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// Composite pattern -- .NET optimized

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