do 823
SQL Server Web Administration
managing transactional Web applications
5 days  |  $2495

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what you will learn

Administering SQL Server Web databases is challenging. This intensive, hands-on course is designed for database administrators and data center professionals who need a rapid, yet throrough introduction to installation, configuration, maintaining, and supporting Web databases using the latest version of SQL Server. You will master the details of high-volume database administration by applying effective strategies and real-world insights.

In this course, students will study critical administrative aspects of SQL Server, including configuration, monitoring, security, backup and restore, fail-over, and automating a variety of administrative tasks through scheduled jobs. Several real-world Web management scenario's are presented and discussed; these include, 'life' datamodel changes (a frequent requirement), catalog upgrades, hot standby fail-over and fail-back, remote data management, and data replication.

The goal of this course is to reach out to data professionals who live - or soon will live - in the Web trenches supporting high-volume databases. This course will provide these professionals the technical skills and knowledge necessary to apply practical insights, and lots of best-practices information. We think that every Web SQL Server database administrator should attend this class -- when the pressure builds and the challenge levels increase you'll be glad you did.

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course highlights

  • getting started with SQL Server and e-commerce
  • setup and configuration
  • security for e-commerce
  • backup and restore
  • automating administrative tasks
  • fail-over and fail-back
  • linked and remote servers
  • transact-SQL overview
  • transactions and locks
  • migration, importing, exporting data
  • do: managing a real-world e-commerce database
  • troubleshooting e-commerce databases
  • monitoring and optimization life sites
  • load-testing the database
  • data replications for e-commerce
  • SQL Server OLAP services
  • insights from the field
  • putting it all together


It is advisable to have a working experience with a relational database. It is assumed that you also have a working knowledge of Windows NT security issues, such as user and user groups, permissions, user-rights, and domains.

what you will take home

Course includes a course kit. This kit includes best-practice insights and valuable notes from the e-commerce field that you can use right away in your own projects. Course also includes an authenthic do t-shirt.

do 823 5 days $2495

This course is available also for delivery onsite at your facility. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.