do 822
SQL Server Web Development
building transactional Web applications
5 days  |  $2495

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what you will learn

This intensive, hands-on course is designed for those who need a rapid, yet throrough introduction to building Web databases using the latest version of SQL Server. You will master the construction of robust, high-volume databases by applying effective design strategies and real-world insights.

In this course, you will study important aspects of SQL Server development, including data modeling, normalization, database file and filegroups, advanced Transact-SQL, transactions and locks, indexing, stored procedures, data transformation services, and monitoring and tuning techniques. Several e-commerce datamodels are presented and discussed, including user authentication, product catalog, shopping cart, and order processing submodels.

Through lectures and lab exercises you'll become familiar with the various aspects of SQL Server and learn how to build a database that is the foundation for e-commerce application development and subsequent deployment.

The lab exercises will reinforce the classroom materials and you will gain a high level of confidence of working with the most essential SQL Server features. These skills are the basis for all your Web and e-business database design work as well as prepare you for continued learning in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

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course highlights

  • getting started with SQL Server and the Web
  • transact-SQL overview
  • files, filegroups, and databases
  • database design for the Web
  • indexing for performance
  • queries: retrieving and modifying data
  • advanced queries and data aggregation
  • transaction management and locks
  • creating and using views
  • programmability: stored procedures and triggers
  • implementing full-text search
  • importing and exporting data
  • do: a real-world Web database
  • distributed databases for the Web
  • performance tuning for the Web
  • SQL Server OLAP services
  • insights from the field
  • putting it all together


It is advisable to have some working experience with a relational database, including data access and data manipulating using SQL. Having designed and used relational databases will definitely help in your understanding of the more advanced SQL Server specific topics in this class.

what you will take home

Course includes a course kit. Course kit includes a generic e-commerce data model that is relevant for many e-commerce applications and includes: membership submodel, a product catalog submodel, shopping cart tables, and an order processing submodel. You can use these right away in your own projects. Course also includes an authenthic do t-shirt.

do 822 5 days $2495

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