do 580
C# 24/7 Architectures
building resilient web applications with C#
5 days  |  $2995

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what you will learn

This course is currently under development.

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course highlights

  • Building Resilient Apps
  • Mission-critical, 24/7, 99.999%
  • Features Offered by .Net and CLR
  • Scalability, Maintainability, Robustness, Security
  • Understanding Distributed Architectures
  • Fundamentals of Statelessness
  • Programming for Failover
  • Understanding Load Balancing
  • Threading and Synchronization
  • Handling Transactions
  • Asynchronous Message Queueing
  • Remoting and Marshaling
  • Distributed Data Sources
  • Clustering Technologies
  • Avoiding the Single Point of Failure
  • Web Farms and Web Gardens
  • Warm and Hot Standby Approaches
  • Logging and Error Handling


This is an intense course for developers and application architects. You should be familiar with object-oriented programming concepts, as well as building and running Web applications. This class assumes you understand the .Net Framework and that you are comfortable writing code in one of the .Net supported languages, preferably C#.

what you will take home

You will receive a course kit. This comprehensive kit contains valuable, real-world code and best practice insights so that you can get started right away on your own C#.Net project. Course also includes an authenthic do t-shirt.

do 580 5 days $2995

This course is available also for delivery onsite at your facility. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.