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Complete ASP.Net
building Web applications with ASP.Net
5 days  |  $2495

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what you will learn

Microsoft’s bold new ASP.Net initiative provides a unified Web development platform that offers the tools and technologies necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications. It also provides a new programming model and infrastructure that enables a powerful new class of Web services. How will this affect your lifestyle as a successful professional developer? And what skills do you need to succeed in this new Web development environment?

Complete ASP.Net is designed to provide you the answers to these and many other questions. This course is the ideal place to start your journey into the brave new world of ASP.Net Web application development.

This course presents a hands-on, in-depth view of the ASP.Net programming model and its broad set of new features. You will gain experience with the .NET Framework, which include a fully managed, protected, and feature-rich application execution environment, simplified development and deployment, and seamless integration with a wide variety of languages. You will learn about many new ASP.Net features such as Web forms, validators, server side controls, session management, data access, Web security, and you'll understand how to harness the power of Web services.

You will walk away from this class with the experience and the skills necessary to successfully design, build, deploy, and run distributed ASP.Net applications. Life is going to be sweet.

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course highlights

  • The ASP.Net universe
  • VB.Net and C#.Net primer
  • ‘Code Behind’ Classes
  • Web Forms Design
  • HTML Controls and Web Controls
  • Input Validators
  • Data Binding and ADO.Net
  • User Controls (Pagelets)
  • Session State Management
  • Generic Form Templates
  • Data Caching and Page Caching
  • Understanding XML and SOAP
  • Creating Web Services
  • Error Handling, Tracing, and Debugging
  • Web Security
  • XML based Configuration


This is an intensive class for Web developers. This class assumes you have a fundamental understanding of HTML and Web development with ASP. Familiarity with VB.Net or C# will be helpful but is not required.

what you will take home

You will receive a course kit. This comprehensive kit contains valuable, real-world code and best practice insights so that you can get started right away on your own ASP.Net project. Course also includes an authenthic do t-shirt.

do 470 5 days $2495

This course is available also for delivery onsite at your facility. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.