do 325
C# and ADO.Net
effective data management with ADO.Net
3 days  |  $1495

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what you will learn

ADO.Net is a rich, universal data access technology that provides platform interoperability and scalable data access. ADO.Net has been built from the ground up and uses XML (Extensible Markup Language) as its standard format for transmitting data. Any application that can read the XML format can process data.

If your applications need efficient and scalable data access, then C# and ADO.Net is where you gain the necessary knowledge and skills. This hands-on, solution-oriented course concentrates on the practical aspects of ADO.Net and is designed to shed light on this important performance enhancing technology.

You will discover that ADO.Net is not just another object model for working with data. In essence, it is ADO revisited on a wider-range, cross-platform scenario. ADO.Net is ADO extended to work in cooperation with any software component, on any platform, that understands XML. This class presents the data access components in ADO.Net and how to use this technology with C# to obtain maximum performance for your applications.

You will walk away from this class understanding a wide variety of topics that make up this new technology. You will learn about the rich disconnected view of data as represented by data sets, batching, cursors, data shaping, connection pooling, meta data access, and host of other techniques that will allow you to build performance, reliability, robustness in your data applications.

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course highlights

  • The Data Access Universe
  • ADO.Net versus ADO
  • Migrating from ADO to ADO.Net
  • ADO.Net Components and Object Model
  • Overview Systems.Data
  • Working with Managed Providers
  • Understanding DataSets
  • Understanding DataTables
  • Concurrency and Transaction Management
  • ADO.Net Events
  • XML .Net architecture
  • Data Access with ADO.Net
  • ADO.Net and high-performance Web Farms
  • Future of ADO.Net


You should be familiar with the .Net programming environment and be proficient in developing code using either C# or VB.Net. This class assumes you have prior experience writing database applications using SQL. A basic understanding of XML is not required but will be helpful.

what you will take home

You will receive a course kit. This comprehensive kit contains valuable, real-world code and best practice insights so that you can get started right away on your own C#.Net project. Course also includes an authenthic do t-shirt.

do 325 3 days $1495

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